How to help those deprived children ?

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Program :

Our main aim is to make these children’s existences to be known to the whole world.

Thanks to it, nations will not forget that kids are also full citizens of the present as of the future of their country, and that they consequently must be included in the programs of evolution of their homeland-so that they may not be ignored anymore.

To make known universally those children’s causes, we wish to organize symposiums and conferences with the support of different professionals such as jurists, doctors, writers, journalists, etc…

Then, in accordance of our ethic and confidentiality and with the institutions’ and the children agreement, we plan to expose letters, photos and drawings realized by the children. Children are also asked to disclose their dearest wish, so that all of us may become aware of the reality lived by every one of them. Copies of letters will be translated and exposed quite as drawings.

Beyond the epistolary interchange, we also intend to organize meetings between these children and to achieve this, we will program various activities such az cultural games, sporting events, song contests.