Association ...

The Association ENFANCE agrees to comply following conditions :

- Perfect anonymity of the child.

- Letters written only in the center, without interference from parents.

- Shipment of letters (in one large envelope) made by the center to the association.

- The envelopes must remain closed to avoid any illegal additions to the letters so as not to endanger the Association or children.

- In compliance with the legislation, the photos used on the site are free.

- Any person or entity wishing to participate in our program will be welcome as long as its purpose is clearly justified by a real attention and genuine interest in the children concerned and in accordance with the spirit of the association.

- All entries must be approved by the managers responsible for the association. The association must always give its written consent to the actions of volunteers. Volunteers may use information about children only in the context of their actions.

- Information on children (marital status, address, etc ...) shall in no case be disseminated to other organizations or individuals or entities.